HYBRID Powerlifting

HYBRID Powerlifting By Stefanie Cohen
Program Goal

Strength, Aesthetics


Intermediate - Advanced

Days per Week

4-5 Days

Workout Length

60-90 Minutes


HYBRID Powerlifting is designed to help you build insane strength in the three main lifts: the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift.

Coached by Stefi Cohen, this program will have you training the big 3 along with focused accessory work to build lean muscle. Stefi takes you through the program day by day and helps you with technical proficiency, competition strategies, and reaching your strength potential.

It’s the perfect program for any intermediate or advanced lifter looking to prepare for a competition or testing day. HYBRID Powerlifting is evidence-based training with all-time world record experience that will help guide you to your strength potential.

For this program, you will need access to a barbell, a rack, and a variety of weight plates. A rack of dumbbells and other common gym equipment like a cable machine, a pull-up bar, and bands will also be needed to complete the accessory work. The app and our coaches will help with exercise substitutions if you do not have access to specific equipment.

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What you'll get

A Full Month of Training

Step by Step Instructional Videos

In Depth Notes and Strategy Tips

Community Access