HYBRID Athlete

HYBRID Athlete By Stefanie Cohen
Program Goal

Strength, Conditioning, Performance


Intermediate - Advanced

Days per Week

4-6 Days

Workout Length

60-90 Minutes


Whether you’re on the field, on the court, or in the ring– strength is never a weakness.
HYBRID Athlete is designed to help you develop foundational strength while building insane conditioning and explosive power.

HYBRID Athlete is our most sports transferable program, meaning that the work you do in the gym is designed to carry over to the work you do in sport-specific competition. No matter your athletic background, you will get stronger, faster, and become more resilient with HYBRID Athlete.

Coached by Stefi Cohen, this program will have you performing 3-4 strength training sessions and 1-2 conditioning sessions every week. Athletes who follow this program will be exposed to methods and movements not found in any other HYBRID training program with the intent of improving your overall athleticism. Stefi will guide you through the program day by day, including her top tips on developing technical proficiency, sports performance strategies, and reaching your strength and endurance potential.

For this program, you will need access to a barbell, a rack, and a variety of weight plates, a rack of dumbbells or kettlebells, other common home gym equipment like a pull-up bar, bench or box, and bands. You will also need conditioning items like med balls, battle ropes, and other aerobic implements like an air bike or rower. The app and our coaches will help with exercise substitutions if you do not have access to specific equipment.

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What you'll get

A Full Month of Training

Step by Step Instructional Videos

In Depth Notes and Strategy Tips

Community Access