HYBRID Build By Simon Chang
Program Goal

Strength, Aesthetics


Intermediate - Advanced

Days per Week

4-5 Days

Workout Length

60-90 Minutes


HYBRID Build is our Powerbuilding program. This carefully designed program will help you pack on muscle and build strength to help reach your full aesthetic and strength potential.

Coached by Simon Chang, this program implements the scientific principles of strength and hypertrophy while providing guidance on technical proficiency and external factors that drive your progress. The main powerlifting movements are programmed along with an emphasis on targeting specific muscle groups each session.

HYBRID Build is the perfect program for any intermediate or advanced lifter looking to build strength while sculpting their inner Arnold. Whether your goal is to get stronger or confidently step foot on the beach, HYBRID Build will help you get there!

For this program, you will need access to traditional gym equipment, including but not limited to a barbell, a rack, a variety of weight plates, a rack of dumbbells, a cable machine, and a pull-up bar. The app and our coaches will help with exercise substitutions if you do not have access to specific equipment.

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What you'll get

A Full Month of Training

Step by Step Instructional Videos

In Depth Notes and Strategy Tips

Community Access