HYBRID Body By Colleen Fotsch
Program Goal

Strength, Aesthetics, Conditioning



Days per Week

4-5 Days

Workout Length

45-60 Minutes


HYBRID Body is a full body strength and conditioning program designed for anyone who is looking to improve their general fitness without spending hours in the gym.

Coached by CrossFit Games athlete and USA Bobsledder Colleen Fotsch, this program will have you training multiple fundamental movement patterns to help you feel stronger, fitter, and more resilient.

It’s the perfect program for athletes looking to build a solid baseline of fitness and movement capacity without the pressure of competition. At the same time, more experienced strength athletes can benefit from a HYBRID Body training cycle during a maintenance phase or while they take a break from competing.

For this program, you will need access to a barbell, a rack, and a variety of weight plates. A rack of dumbbells or kettlebells and other common home gym equipment like a pull-up bar, bench or box, and bands. The app and our coaches will help with exercise substitutions if you do not have access to specific equipment.

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What you'll get

A Full Month of Training

Step by Step Instructional Videos

In Depth Notes and Strategy Tips

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